The Rainbow Children- Fearless Givers of Light

Rainbow children have come into this world for a greater good. Their arrival has been foretold in many cultures around the world and in each they are mentioned as a prophecy to be the greatest hope of the world. They are thought to be here on a mission to save humanity from itself. They radiate very high vibrational energy of unconditional love. In changing times, rainbow children are a reminder of our potential as Divine Beings.

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”

— Old Native American Prophecy

Many of these little light beings are coming into the world now for the first time, never having lived on Earth before and carrying little or no karma from past lives.  They are fearless servers that are only here to give. When you sit with them and spend time with them you feel a sense of purity and fullness.

To better understand these children, we first need to know a bit about the children that came before them; Indigo children and Crystal children. Indigo children came in Indigo’s and Crystal children have paved the way for the new children of tomorrow.  Rainbow children are the ones that will take over the world and bring in positive and new peaceful ways of doing things. The Indigos came as sponges to soak up negative energies and plough through the world going up against authority and demanding change. They came to open doors and make way for the Crystal and Rainbow children.  Indigos could be described as being a sticky barrel with molasses on the bottom and you put oats on top of that molasses.  If you did this, then the oats would stick to the barrel.  Indigos are the ones that came to force others to have to clean out the dirty barrels of life. They came to force us into seeing what we once ignored and left dirty in the world for others to have to clean. They forced us to show our true colors.

Crystal children came with a different vibration. Instead of going up against authority like the indigo’s, Crystal’s came to live more in solitary and in peaceful existences.  Some of them are known to play musical instruments upon introduction to the instrument, while others are natural artists and writers. Crystals are often highly intelligent, many being geniuses in their own field of interest.

Crystals excel at whatever they love, many of them knowing their life purpose at an early age. Crystal children are much more sensitive than Indigo’s and Rainbow children. Crystals are leading the way to show people how to use products with less chemicals. Crystals came to wake people up to many ideals and shifts that would result in paving the way for the Rainbow children who need to use their energies on more important matters.  Rainbow children needed a clear path and so their predecessors helped them have the vibration they needed to come here to step into their mission and to get the job done.

Crystal children are often the ones that are diagnosed with learning disorders.  In the case of rainbow children, there are less mistakes and or diagnosis.  Rainbow children seem to be able to handle shifts of vibration easier, Crystals cannot. Crystal children are a higher vibration than most people in the world, and so this is why they don’t fit into a regular societal format. Crystal children will often be more quiet than Rainbow children.  Rainbow children love to focus on their life purpose but are much more social in doing so. They will whistle and sing while they work. Their happiness is known to everyone around them. They wear their expressions openly, hiding nothing.

Crystal children sometimes like to speak more telepathic, where rainbow children love to hear their own voice and harbour no shyness, whatsoever. Often when Crystal children are older, they are the ones that surprise their parents and go out into the world and do amazing things. Very often they are more attuned to animals and creativity. Indigo’s are often the caretakers of the world, nurses, stewardesses, healers, teachers. They set the tone for a new way of making a living, a new way of bringing in money and they are not afraid to be without money because they know deep within that money is just an illusion and not something you can take with you when you die.  However, indigos and crystals are often a little more associated with materialism than rainbow children.  It may seem the opposite when you are with a Rainbow child because they push and push for you to give them material items. However, they often only wanting material items to fill a gap or a lack that they feel.  They are not materialistic in nature. They are looking to feel Heaven again. Rainbow children could live off of sugar. They also use sugary items to replace Heaven.  Sugar represents a temporary soothing, especially if people are energetically imbalanced around them.  They often talk about it like needing to refuel.  Offering them healthy alternatives like fruit is really what their body is craving and needing more of.

Rainbow children can be very stubborn and refuse to do what you are asking of them.  If it is not done from a higher perspective or if they feel you are not speaking from a place of integrity, you can forget it. However, Rainbow children love routine, and they love to be given ideas for goals to set for themselves. If you do things the same way every day and do not change your routine, rainbow children will do very well in your family. They came for a no-nonsense environment. Routine helps them feel grounded, loved and safe.

When you are acting overly sensitive or dramatic the rainbow will usually disassociate themselves with you and make themselves busy.  In this case they act much like a Crystal child.  Often this is why people easily mix the two kinds of children up. Lego and constructive projects help Rainbow children find balance. If you do not have a project for a Rainbow child, he or she will spin off their energy like a spin top. As a result, everybody in the household or classroom will spin with him. Therefore, it is very important for us to look at our codependent behaviours, especially if we have a rainbow child in our lives. Truth, integrity, respect, trust, and love are all lessons that the Rainbow child has come to teach us. They will become the parents and teach right from wrong when they feel someone is not truthful or kind or in allignment with their own teachings.

Rainbow children are often natural healers. They often absorb heavy or negative energies around them and so this could affect their health. If there are codependent behaviours happening around them, for example, they may have a series of colds, fevers and such. Balance in their life is the key to keeping Rainbow children healthy and happy.

Rainbow children have a deep understanding of nature, and mother Earth teachings. They respond well to natural healing and homeopathic care. They are very often interested in psychic clearings such as smudging or using feathers and crystals to clear the energy.

It is very important that we pay close attention to what the Rainbow children say to us. They are wise beyond their years. For example, one father told me that his Rainbow child often asks him why he is talking about the past and what it has to do with the present subject they are talking about. This is five-year old putting his father in his place.  Rainbow children have no judgement and they forgive easily.  Holding onto the past will never be a part of their agenda. They live in the now and are focused on keeping others also living in the now.  Rainbow children are here to put us in our place. There are good reasons why these little warriors of the light keep us in check. They will be the lawyers, the teachers, the doctors and other leaders of the next generation. They will draw us towards more peaceful solutions and to consider environmental healing.

Rainbow children are here to help us face our faults and if we do not know this, we could take their way of communication wrongly. As an example, a Rainbow child will often act like they love to be spoiled. However, that same child will ask you later that day, ”why do you buy me so many things?” They will explain that material items don’t make them feel loved. This is often why things like stickers in school don’t impress them. Indigo children and crystal children love these things and expect more.  Rainbow children would prefer a bedroom with less items inside and will clean their room out because they feel heavy energy if too many things are inside.  What it comes down to is that you can’t buy their love. They would rather you spend one on one time with them. They prefer to be challenged with homework then to have the next new toy, even if they ask for it.  often when they do get excited for a toy, they are upset with the lie that was shown on a television commercial.  For instance, their superhero really can’t fly.  They don’t understand why they were lied to, so they are grateful to have the toy but feel hurt deeply about the fallacies of the world.  Challenges are triumphs for them so giving them a challenge means more than the toy.  Games with a challenge is a much better gift for them to receive.

Rainbow children love games for the sake of fun and not so much for competition. Even though they love to win, they like playing for the sake of playing. Crystal children and Indigo’s take games more to heart and often have to win in order to feel that the game was worth playing. Rainbow children do not like to do things in a competitive way and struggle with older siblings who compete with them. Rainbow children act up less and so the older sibling often shows regret to the younger rainbow child because they see their acting good as going up against them. In actuality the Rainbow child does not do anything to compete. Rather, they set many personal goals for themselves to beat their personal best.

Though a lot of new ways of teachings have been presented for the new age child, the Rainbow child does respond better to rules then they do to too much freedom. They work well with a list of things to accomplish rather than open learning concept. They do think more with a mental mind but from a high vibrational sense, and not from a worldly sense. They work well when you speak from a place of logic.  An example of this would be to explain that we make the bed in the morning so dust does not settle in the bed during the day that could irritate the sinuses at night. This is a perfectly logical reason for a Rainbow child to learn to make the bed. Explaining things to them is key to helping them navigate through life successfully. They love to play on cell phones but if you explain about WiFi being dangerous for the body and the science behind it, they won’t ask for it anymore.

Crystal children are often listening to you when you speak but won’t say anything back, yet they absorb everything you are saying. Rainbow children are the opposite, often having a thousand questions to go along with the subject you bring up with them. Take these questions as serious because if they do not understand fully why something is as it is, then they will ask several times again until they feel they got the full concept of something. Rainbows are very psychic, so if you were lying about something to save them from knowing all the details this may be their reason to ask again and again, because they won’t believe in you if you don’t explain the full story. To earn a Rainbow child’s respect, it is important that we always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  After all, one day they may be the lawyer that puts you up there on the stand in front of the judge. And then you are really in a predicament!  😊

Love Kim

Zaria Magazine, an interview with Kimspirational

Swaying grass, butterflies, Roses and curving hillsides are in my view as I venture out with my bicycle. Here in Slovenia they have the iconic baskets on their bikes. Am I dreaming or did God send me to this place, where nature would wake me with its warm kiss on my rose colored cheek on this beautiful day?

I pause and pick a flower and remember how important each person is that taught me who I am these past years. Each individual I did a reading for helped me tap in further to my gift and I am most grateful. At times I was so tired that I didn’t have time to take these gracious moments and just go biking.

I had many unique opportunities while visiting Slovenia and one I was a bit weary of but grateful for all the same. When Zaria Magazine asked to interview me I got weary of their reasons why, but as I had the article later translated for me I realized deeper what some might go through when getting a reading.

On the front cover the article read, “A Session with a Canadian- Can You Really Speak to the Spirits of the Dead?” Its a wonderful article. The Interviewer was a non believer and was asked by her boss to take me on as a “project”. The spirits ended up turning her into  their own project, bringing her on a journey of discovery. By opening up to the reading, it brought her deceased Grandfather an opportunity to prove to her that he was with her. Firstly, by answering things no one could know and secondly, not even her, until later when she checked in with her living father and found out that the information was correct.  I admit i was a bit weary doing the article because I knew the interviewer was out to prove me fake, but I decided it was not about me or even her, but rather about the spirits that lead her to me. For example, the grandfather and others that she researched and proved to be correct.

She begins the article by talking about how I sat back eating an apple and asking what she wanted to get out of the reading.  It ended in giving me tears knowing that one family was now at ease, knowing ‘grandpa’ is ok and still there with them in ways each could now know.

I am grateful knowing that my gift could be used for good. In each moment I do see life like eating that apple. I often teach that if we can eat an apple everyday and love it the same as the first time we had an apple, then we can know we are content and also not looking for something more to make us happy. I was once allergic to apples and one day through natural healing I got past that allergy. So eating an apple now without my throat swelling up is a miracle I now enjoy when I can. She took my eating the apple as a sign that she could feel comfortable with me. I took it as I am comfortable with myself.

Many blessings to you Sweet Earth Angels.

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Photos by Šimen Zupančič

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A Special Channeled Message from the Angels Through Kimspirational


Well Hello to you and you and YOU from the Beautiful Mountainous land of Slovenia. As we are now into June, we can expect some powerful energies to surround us this month.  April and May touched us in many sensitive areas planetary wise, with Mercury Retrograde hindering plans and slowing us down.  A lot of people mentioned being emotionally drained and mentally strained, the last couple of months. You may be glad to know that relief is coming. We just need to work with the tides and be a free agent to the universe, in order for us to feel a sense of balance.

It will be very important this Summer to boost our energy and raise our vibrations.  The angels are showing me very clear signs that we are shifting as a society and that we have some choices coming up. One, being to simplify our lives, so that we have less internal struggles, and, so that we can align with the universal shifts that are coming. Shifts don’t necessarily mean a bad thing.  However, the angels are drawing higher vibrations down to the Earthly plane and if we are not ready for it, we can feel the crunch, so to speak.  We may feel pain in our body, anxieties or flu-like symptoms or unexplainable sensory issues in the next few months if we don’t slow down and allow the little luxuries of life to entertain us.  This means letting go of the synthetic world and quieting our minds and simply getting outside.

Secondly, we are being pushed further to grow on higher levels of consciousness. This is easy when we have no problems and when things are going smooth. But how do we stay conscious, when things are topsy-turvy?  We need to be aware of each moment, within each step that we take. Being aware of what we are doing and not just be there doing it without thought. Eg., if we are cutting the grass, cooking or watering flowers, we need to do it consciously, every day, not just on seemingly hard days. By learning to be aware of the small things everyday, it is like we are constantly doing a walking meditation.  This makes us balanced, stronger and less sensitive to uncomfortable situations that may occur from time to time.

Being in Slovenia has been a blessing and a significant shift for me. Allowing myself to not miss home, for example and the comforts came with, has been a challenge and yet a type of spiritual practice at the same time.  Missing things like my own bed, my office, or even people has made me aware that when I was home I wasn’t always conscious and practicing gratitude in all things.  Of course, I gave thanks everyday for home and people and situations and even things, but being away has reminded me to go even deeper and that we need to constantly be in the now. By doing this, then things like people and places, are new to us each time we see them. By staying conscious, we don’t let things get old.  Relationships don’t get stagnant and we begin to see life again through the eyes of innocence.

Living in a country where I don’t speak the language is a great reminder of how powerful words are.  Also, we get a sense of how many words we use in the run of the day that are just fill in words.  When you only know a few words in a language then, when you speak those few words and get understood, there is much greater meaning.  And when you understand just a few words back, you appreciate every little sound, murmur or song within the voice of person speaking to you.

The angels have been showing me that we are a great number of people on this planet coming together as one. As individuals, we are sometimes so engrossed in wanting to be at a higher level and thriving on teachings from this person and then the next and yet when it comes to the simple things, we can’t quiet our minds enough to be ok with nothingness when the time comes.  We busy our minds looking for signs and we get many, but then we just ask for more.

The angels remind us that this is a year of deepening our senses.  If your computer shuts down, or your screen breaks on your phone, or your T.V. set is on the blitz, then you may be getting messages you didn’t ask for.  However, these messages are loud and clear.  The energy that the angels are bringing to us will not support electronics or material items.  In fact, this year you’ll notice yourself becoming more and more sensitive to electronics, internet and radio frequencies and microwave frequencies.

If we are not connecting with nature this year, we will find ourselves more irritated, having less energy and frustrated with trying to get things done and feeling much like a hamster on a wheel.  We are being asked to stop getting in the way of Heavens help and also to stop putting so much lower energies into the airwaves, via cell phones, internet and radio, etc., as we are blocking much needed Heavenly vibrations that can and will sooth us on much higher levels then material items ever could.


A Prayer to lift Your Vibrations

Dear God and Angels,

Thank you for raising my vibrations and clearing away anything that does not serve me in a good way.  Protect me from any Earth made frequencies and chemicals that lower my vibration and keep me from being the high energy being that I am.  Thank you for sending thousands of angels to the Earth to sweep away any lower frequencies that lower the quality of thoughts within humans, especially within me and my Earthly Loved Ones.  Clear away anything I saw, heard, felt, thought, spoke or did that did not serve me or others in a good way.  Thank you for showing me clear signs before my energy is lowered; to remind me to plug back into nature, and do things for myself that will raise my vibrations quickly. Help me crave healthful foods, clean drinking water and clean fresh air, each and everyday.  Open up time in my day so that I may be able to add these things within my daily routine in a conscious, balanced way. Thank you for my abundance in all healthful areas of my life.  Not necessarily what the human me sees as abundance, but show me abundance from the eyes of my spirit.

Thank you for showing me where I can improve my life and how to do this in “easy for me” steps.  Encourage me by sending me uplifting and inspiring people, and situations each and every day of my life here on Earth.

May the blessings of Heaven be bestowed upon each individual on the Earth.

May Earth and Father sky kiss one another through my consciousness today and everyday.


Much love,


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