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Daily Inspiration:

There is no beginning and no end. No above and no below. No then and no tomorrow. The past doesn’t exist. Tomorrow won’t exist until tomorrow. Like the number 8, infinity, we continue on, coming back to the center, always. Wherever that is… oh yeah, there it is! It’s in the now. Where is the now exactly? Breath deep, focus, feel within… find that center; relax! There! Now have a great day!

— Kimspirational

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Angel Meditation with Kimspirational

Yes! Yes! Yes! is a delightfully soothing meditation CD that brings you deep into connecting with the Angels.  Kim’s voice is soothing and relaxing and is sure to help you calm down after a long day.

Psychic Development -Third eye

Psychic ability is our birth right. As humans, we have been programmed by generations of unbelievers to shut down our natural abilities. It is time to allow ourselves to shine and believe in our own instincts again. The human mind is a fascinating tool, but it is...

Dream Interpretation

Do you experience vivid dreams, reoccurring dreams or even psychic dreams? Understanding dreams is like having a key.  Join me to explore the mysteries of the dream world and of the mastermind behind them. In this webinar, you will learn about dream patterns,...

Understanding Past Lives and Akashic Records

Did You Miss My Live Online Workshop-Past lives and Akashic Records? This recorded Webinar is available now on VIDEO… Interested in past lives? Want to know more about your past lives and what other roles you played in those lives? Have you ever wanted to take a...

Identify your Angels

Angels are Heaven´s companions, agents, and messengers of God. At every moment of life, we are surrounded by Guardian Angels and Archangels. Our Guardian Angels serve us all our lives. In fact, they have been with us every lifetime. There are many things to learn and...

Understanding the Spirits

Understanding Spirits (Includes A Meditation to connect with past loved ones and receive a message) Are you wanting to connect with your past loved ones?  Wondering where they are and doing what they are doing now? Are you wanting to understand their messages? Are you...

Join us as we gather for our kid friendly, Family Meditation. I believe that when we choose what our habits will be, then those habits make us who we are. One habit we are choosing is to show adults and children alike that we practice what we teach. If we can take time out in front of children to do what we see as important to us, it becomes a part of their routine also.