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Daily Inspiration:

Stop and look at yourself. Take a good look. Where ever you are today, you once envisioned yourself being there. Are you happy with where you are? Where do you want to see yourself tomorrow?

— Kimspirational

The Art of Non-interference, November 21st, 2021

Non-interference means that we should avoid interfering in the affairs of another’s relations but still remain diplomatic or neutral while avoiding arguments, unless related to the self. We are living at a remarkable time in human history- the era of self-empowerment and self-fulfillment and yet so many of us are struggling at this time, trying to find our way through the fog of world shifts and changes. All the while we are being faced with decisions that are becoming out of control. Our relationship with others and the world around us is changing rapidly. Do we hold onto the past to maintain what worked or is it time to find a whole new way of being? It is time to unravel the truth. Letting go may be the single most important lesson that anyone is learning at this time. Are you ready?

WHEN: November 21st at 1pm Moncton Atlantic time

COST:  $20.

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This card deck is designed to guide you in answering some of life’s most-deepest and personal questions. Each card focuses on a specific aspect of your life.  With each card, you will see suggestions, answers and guidance to lead you into the process of personal development and success. If you are serious about making life changes, living more consciously aware and progressing on a soul level, then these cards will get you there faster.

It will be important to take time out and let the cards speak to you on a deeper level before jumping into new questions. Allow time to process the information that comes to you. It takes time before coming into your full spiritual power.


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