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Daily Inspiration:

Protect your energy. Imagine yourself as a ball of light or a ball of fire. Burn brightly. Now, imagine mirrors all around you. Anything that is not from the light will either be reflected into the light or burned up by the light. Nothing but love and light can enter your space. You are safe.

— Kimspirational

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Angel Meditation with Kimspirational

Yes! Yes! Yes! is a delightfully soothing meditation CD that brings you deep into connecting with the Angels.  Kim’s voice is soothing and relaxing and is sure to help you calm down after a long day.


Interested in past lives? Want to know more about your past lives and what other roles you played in those lives? Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at what traits you have brought into this life that may be holding you back and what to do about it?  Have you ever wanted to know what good traits you had in other lives that you could be taking advantage of in this life?

For many, past lives are fascinating and yet, people are just scratching the surface of how to understand them.  How do we use the knowledge of past lives, to help us in the present as much as possible, without hindering or confusing us further? It doesn’t matter who we were, but who we are today.  However, by understanding our past lives, we may find it easier to accept and understand certain qualities that we reject today. We will be able to see and strengthen those qualities and turn them into a good. We can also remove qualities within us that no longer serve us in a good way. In order to gain insight into our past lives, we must learn to understand who we are today and how all of our experiences in all lives made us who we are today.   The Metatron Archangel will speak in a lecture via Kim to help guide the process.

In this workshop, Kim will talk about the characteristics of a past life and what we need to know when traveling to previous lives. We will learn more about the Akashic Records and how they affect our memories of our past lives, as well as the events that take place in this life. We’ll do a meditation and look at a past life and participants can send messages on the chat feature to ask questions  and make comments.


WHEN: Sunday March 29th at 12pm (Atlantic Daylight Time)

WHERE: Online class – LIVE

PRICE: $60 / 40€