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Daily Inspiration:

Don’t invite someone into your upside down space. They will never understand the gravity of it all.

— Kimspirational and Janice

Psychic Development – Signs and Symbols

The human consciousness works through symbolic language. Knowing this language helps us understand the world around us more deeply and improves our daily life on all levels. Knowing how to interpret signs helps speed up our human evolution. In long term, symbol deciphering gives rise to open minded people who know how to use that knowledge for a higher purpose. Being able to understand our world helps us live more consciously and to begin to unearth our programs and belief systems that have formed us.

WHEN: 25th April 2021, at 1pm Moncton Atlantic time

COST:  $40.

Welcome to the new online store for personal and spiritual growth.

Insight into the vision of the future.

Inspiration on how you can create a society on a new solid foundation.

How to create your own new story by following yourself?

Watch video clips from LIVE events…

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Crystal Medicine Wisdom

This card deck is designed to guide you in answering some of life’s most-deepest and personal questions. Each card focuses on a specific aspect of your life.  With each card, you will see suggestions, answers and guidance to lead you into the process of personal development and success. If you are serious about making life changes, living more consciously aware and progressing on a soul level, then these cards will get you there faster.

It will be important to take time out and let the cards speak to you on a deeper level before jumping into new questions. Allow time to process the information that comes to you. It takes time before coming into your full spiritual power.

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Vision of the Future, New Reality, New Choice

Insight into the vision of the future, inspiration on how you can create a society on a new solid foundation, how to create your own new story by following yourself…

How can I balance in this changing world?

Last year was full of decisions and experience. Now what? Are you needing a new direction? Or Are you needing to get back on the right path? Let’s welcome the positive back into our lives. Kim has some ideas, tips and inspirations to help you get focused and to light the way to happiness, heart expansion and fulfillment in this ever changing world.

DURATION: 1h 05 minutes

Kids Meditation- Unicorn Meditation

Healing the World