Angels FAQ

What does an angel look like?


I get this question a lot and it is an important one.  The key to being able to see your angels is to recognize that not all people have the gift of seeing.  You may feel them instead.  A brush across the shoulders is a common thing that I hear from people, for example.  You may have an inspired feeling or excitement, when your angels are showing you that they are around.  Spits or sparkles of light are very common when you do see them.  White sparkles that disappear when you look directly at them are your guardian angels.  Coloured lights, are quite often the Archangels.  For example, Archangel Ariel would come as pink and she would be helping you to fully love yourself.  Archangel Michael comes as royal blue or royal purple and he is showing that you are protected.  Angels show themselves in so many ways.  Some see a wing in the clouds and just know that their angels are showing themselves.  Others see them in people stopping to help them with directions.  They come in all shapes and sizes and all ways. It is up to us to open up and ask them to show themselves.  They always do.

Do angels give bad messages?

Absolutely no negative messages come from angels.  I have never received a “bad” message from an angel.  They will often give you subtle warnings that will guide you to go the right direction, however, and this never includes a negative feeling accompanying it.  Occasionally when I have been in danger or when I was not listening to my guidance they have come with a booming voice in my head and told me straight out “Go inside NOW!”, or “Listen!”, “Pay attention right now!”.   Angels do not have ego and they will not play with yours.  Angels are loving, caring, gentle and come as messengers of God. They are here to help us connect with the Divine and to bring peace to the world.  They want to inspire you, help you make decisions in the now that will guide you towards the future that you truly seek, on a deeper level.  They do not dwell in the past.  Angels work with the NOW.  Angels work with the truth and they only work with the positive.



What is the best way for me to experience my angels?

Again, it is important to understand that not everyone can “see” angels.  There are many different levels of communications.  Four ways of communication that are most commonly practiced are Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling),Claircognizance (Clear Knowing), and Clairaudience (Clear Hearing).

What does “Clair” mean anyways?

The term clairvoyance comes from the French word clair meaning “clear” and voyance means “vision”.   Clairsentient people see things through their feelings, while a Clairvoyant would see through visual signs.  One does not have to be just Clairvoyance in order to see.  It is important to find your own clair; the one that you are most comfortable with and then you can combine the clairs and eventually work your way into using all of them to communicate with the angels.

For example, as I type this there are 7 deer on my lawn.  I couldn’t get a better sign from my angels at this very moment.  It is a beautiful feeling I have inside.  I see them all.  I know that 7 means  that one is on the right path (See “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue.) Also deer means pathway and so I am getting a double message saying that this is what the angels wanted me to tell you about and that I am indeed doing what I am meant to be doing.  I could say that I am using all four clairs here.  I am “seeing” the deer.  I am “feeling” good inside, accompanied with goosebumps.  I am getting a “knowing” because I know the meanings of these things and I am “hearing” in my own mind that I am going in the right direction.

Messages from your angels and even your past loved ones are as simple as this.  We should not make it complicated in any  way.


Clear Seeing- Clairvoyance - This includes dreams, déjà-vu, visual signs cloud visions, or symbols you see over and over.

Visual signs to look for:

Feathers, pennies, cloud visions (Children see shapes in clouds all the time.  This is the divine speaking and saying we are being watched over.  If you keep a symbols book handy, you’ll be amazed at what your angels are telling you), animals (Ted Andrews’ book “Animal Speak” is a good reference for what your angels may be telling you. Or his “Nature Speak” for nature signs you keep seeing everywhere.) I also like Betty Bethards, “Dream Book” which has nice and positive meanings that can be used in dreams and visual signs alike.

Angels may come in a dream as a duck and show you freedom and buoyancy and the need to get a hold of your emotions.  Or they could show you a fluffy bunny rabbit in the field that may represent the need to be more creative.   Creative ideas may be multiplying within you right now and you may be getting the message to hunker down and finish these projects and write down the new ones so you can come back to them later.


dreamsDreams– As mentioned above, I like Betty Bethards book, “The Dream Book” for dream questions.  She makes it simple.  And helps you understand with no negative meanings. I am a firm believer that even if a snake bites your head off in your dream it is NEVER a negative meaning.  Perhaps it is telling you that you are in your head too much and it is showing you where you are sick at this moment and to clean up that area.  And or to stop biting others heads off and is showing you how it feels.

Clear Feeling- Clairsentience

Goosebumps, gut feelings, feeling yes or no, you may even receive others pain for a quick moment (perhaps so you can send good wishes or energy their way).  These are but a few examples.

Yes or no feelings are very different from one another.   Sudden rushes of energy that go upwards may be a yes, where a heaviness or a lower feeling may be no, for example. Everyone experiences this differently so don’t be frustrated if your yes is something different.

Clairsentient people are very often coined as being hypo-sensitive.  I am primarily clairsentient and some days I feel so much I could explode.  Angels come through our feelings very often to give us messages.  Thank them for helping you feel gentle guidance but clear at the same time.

Clearing and Grounding techniques are very important and should be taken seriously.

Clairsentients need to be constantly cleared, nurtured, well watered, well fed and well loved.  It is important to not take life so seriously if you feel as much as I do.  I learned the hard way that you can get bogged down easily if you let too much in.  I find a nice salt bath or connecting with nature once a day, even if it is sitting in natural light helps me.  Doing dishes can ground you.  Imagining roots coming out of your feet and planting yourself is another grounding technique.  It is very important for anyone, but Clairsentients are so susceptible to taking on others emotions, so ask Archangel Michael and Jesus to live with you and to clear you every day.  I Also ask the water spirit to wash away anything that is not mine while I shower or wash my hands.  She is gentle and loving and helps anyone who calls on her.

Clear Knowing- Claircogizance

When you know, you just know.  You know and you don’t necessarily know how you know.  You know without being told. It can come in the form of insights, inspiration.  It is a strong sense of knowing that logic cannot really explain. Claircognizance is connected to the analytical type or mental-oriented person.  When I think of a claircognizant, I think of Einstein who was very good at problem solving and understanding abstract concepts and putting them into symbols that some can follow and some find abstract in themselves.  Clear Knowing people have a tendency to know too much and be thought of as having the answer for everything, which could get them in trouble in the classroom or with friends as often they are seen as the know-it- alls in the eye of non-claircognizants. Your angels may be bringing you messages through your knowing.  Who knows what messages they are bringing to you and you don’t know because you know and you don’t know why.  If the sense of knowing just comes to you, don’t stress that you can’t see, feel or hear things.  Know that what is coming to you is the message.  It just feels so natural that you don’t “know” it’s a message at all often enough.  Also, don’t forget that gut feelings and déjà-vu and dreams interpretations are all part of “knowing”.

Clear Hearing- Clairaudience.

Clairaudience can be a number of things. Ringing in your ears, bells, birds chirping, voices in or outside of your ear. The same song may play over and over again.  Pay attention to what keeps coming up as you would be surprised as to what your angels are telling you.  That song may have a word or a phrase that is directing you in your life now in some way.

Clairaudience is thought to be the “supposed” power to hear things outside the range of normal perception.  I emphasize “supposed” because this is a gift that many have been put into institutions for having.  If you hear a beautiful voice in your head telling you that world peace is possible, share it with the open only.  People in your office may not always “hear” what you hear.

This is a beautiful gift and if you have it, be proud.  It takes some years to develop this ability and listen closely to the messages that come to you.  If you feel that God or the angels are speaking to you, they probably are.  If it is a positive message, it is indeed the Divine.  If it is not, then your ego is playing with you.

What is ringing in your ears?

This is a kind of downloading of information from your angels for now or something upcoming that will guide you and help you.  There is a difference between losing hearing and this ringing.  I lost hearing from ear infections as a child.  That ringing, when I lost hearing in my left ear was monotone and then it died off slowly. When angels bring information to me, it is more like a fax machine bomb going off in my ear.  It sometimes hurts.  I tell them. thank you for the information and then ask them to tone it down.  They do not get hurt by this and they immediately turn down the volume. They will indeed turn down the volume.  Then you may notice someone comes to you for help and then somehow, you don’t know why or how but you have a message for them.  Or you may later have a gut feeling about something and wonder where that came from. It had been downloaded for you previous to this.

Is my past relative an angel?

Angels are angels that have not lived on earth.  Relatives that have passed on are not angels.  They may be your guide and act very much like an angel and help you and give you signs to help you along your journey, like your angels do, but they are not angels. Guides can still have ego and so what you can hear, feel, see, and know from them may or may not always be angelically inspired.  This is why I never work with past loved ones without the presence of my angels and Archangel Michael.

How do I know if I have an angel?


Everyone has two guardian angels.  I do not name peoples angels for them, as I feel it’s important for them to feel, hear, see or know the names themselves.  One of my angels is named Patience.  This was a lesson I learned and am still learning (being patience) and somehow, without knowing I just ‘knew’ that one was called this.  The other named herself in my ear.  She spoke loudly and I felt a surge of energy and I had goosebumps. These goosebumps have served me all my life as a “Yes, yes, yes!!!” answer.  So Stella it was.   Stella is more of a Fairy God mother-like figure; more outspoken and pushes me to go further and to do my life purpose.  Patience sits back quietly and doesn’t say much but she comforts me when I’m down and has protected me like a lionesse when the goings got tough.

Take some time to sit and meditate. Ask your angels, “What are your names?”.  Get a sense, or feeling of the name  and pay attention to what comes to you.  Don’t disregard anything that comes to you.  The names will come.  If it one is male, you’ll feel warm energy.  If she is a female then you may feel a cool breeze or energy, for example. Past loved ones can be felt by warm or cool energies as well.

How do I know if I’m psychic?


Psychic is a special name made up, I believe, to make some feel more special than others.  In all honesty, and yes I have had my abilities all my life, I believe everyone is “psychic”.  Everyone has had dreams come true, déjà-vu, a feeling or knowing before something happend and wondered why we didn’t do something about it.  There is not one of us that has a “special” ability.  We are all special and we all deserve to communicate with God and the angels.  Anyone who claims that they are special, are talking from the ego and should be encouraging you to “see” what they see, not just take payment for seeing and keeping their gifts secret.  I have been gifted to help others, to inspire the not yet inspired.  You are profoundly psychic, you just don’t know it yet.

What level of psychic ability do you want to be at is the question you need to be asking yourself.  Just work on it.  It will come if you want it to.