Kimspirational Celebrates 10 plus Years in Business

Angel Therapy Practitioner ®
Certified by Doreen Virtue

Helping, inspiring and lighting up the world is not a job – it’s a passion! It’s a blessing when you can combine spirituality with the workplace.

I do what I do because I want to help. My readings and meditations are channeled through me, but they are not by me. I work closely with the angels to help others do their own personal inquiry to find out how to empower themselves. Angels and guides focus on the now, so you can embrace your own personal capacities in the future. Let your angels help you by learning how to help them ‘help you’. I have come to this world to say “Yes” to myself, and to inspire the world to do so for themselves. It is time that we, the Altruistic Angels of the Earth, stop asking others if it is okay, and do what it is that we are meant to do.

Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from living our dream. Living our dream helps make fear unknown.



An article by Kimspirational


My name is Kimspirational and I am a psychic and primarily a medium. I was born with the gift and one could say that I have been ‘reading’ people all my life. I remember sitting in the playground at 12 years of age having serious talks with my friends, guiding them and doing dream interpretations.

I went to St. Thomas University, finishing with my English Honours Degree in 1997. It was through English Literature that I realized my natural and acquired facility for understanding symbols. I knew at that time that I was psychic. I knew that I could communicate with the deceased, and yet I never dreamed in a million years that I would one day be doing readings for people and teaching courses on angels. In fact, I hid my abilities and told no one. Now I am celebrating 10 years in the business.

It was later on, after I had graduated and lived and taught English as a second language for 4 years in South Korea. Over the 5 and a half years I spent traveling  Asia, I found a new me.  I was soon to discover who I really was and what my Divine Life Purpose was. I moved from Korea directly to Australia and lived in a tent for 7 months out of the eleven months that I lived there. Being completely one with nature helped me to face myself again. This is when several dreams started coming true again and synchronicities started popping up to the point of not being able to ignore them anymore.

When I came home from Australia, I moved to western Canada and began my journey of understanding my gifts. I learned to meditate, took up yoga and other holistic practices to sooth and nurture the soul, including reflexology, which I later certified in. I took an angel course and learned my innate ability to communicate with the “other side”. This is when I started to realize and admit to myself that I always could hear and see spirit and angels. No one really grows up having a dream of being a medium for a living. However, the dream chose me.

Learning about angels helped me see beyond this world. I put it all together when I asked what my Divine Purpose was. I heard, “Kim help others. This is what you do naturally!” So, that is what I did. I helped who I could, when and where I could.   I ventured to Uganda, Africa, after having, yet another vision of going there and helping children. I had a vision when I was 8 or 9 years old. The same booming voice echoed loud and clear, which told me I would help the children of Africa. I volunteered and taught orphaned children in a Ugandan school near Kampala.

I learned to create miracles out of nothing. I made do with no tools, no chalkboards; just walls to write on with scarce chalk and large audiences of children who could not read. These little darlings looked up at me from their places; on the floor or the ground, under mango trees, wide eyed and so thankful. They were ring wormed and 30% of them had AIDS, but nothing stopped them. They all deserved an education and I gave them 100% of me, while I had the honour of teaching them. I raised money before and after that trip and eventually we had them sitting at desks and reading from books and chalkboards.

Listening to my intuition showed me that what I can do for the world is limitless! Anything done by the heart is appreciated on Earth as it is in Heaven. What those children taught me is that it takes a whole community to raise a child… They were my teachers.

Going to Africa, is not everyone’s mission, nor is Mediumship. However, as scary as it seemed to admit my gifts to the world, I decided to be brave like those kids. I went for it even thought the odds seemed limited. I opened up into a limitless world instead. I can say that I dove in and went deep. I am now doing what it is that I am meant to do. I moved back to the Maritimes again and decided to stop hiding; to be my true self. I went to Hawaii and met my all time idle and mentor, Doreen Virtue. What an amazing and humble woman. This is when I became a Certified Angel Therapist.®. I have not looked back.

Since then, I have made my way to Brazil and also studied with Shamans in Peru and found my place with Mother Earth by accepting my Native Ancestry and embracing teachings here in Canada from a wonderful Native Elder for the last 10 years plus. I have since travelled through many countries in Europe, focusing my attention on Slovenia, where I have a wonderful outreaching clientele. I teach courses on natural ways to live and of course intuitive skills.  I also do one on ones when I go there yearly. Other places in the world still call me and India is on my bucket list as one of my next dream destinations. Being an avid learner, I am always looking to open my eyes to new ways and possibilities to open up the stream of love from universal wisdom.

I am probably a humanitarian if you wished to coin me. Though I try to see myself as many sided and am by all means not placed in a box. I decided to create a job that I could choose for myself and be my own boss and yet help others. Sometimes the souls that need help are right here in front of us. Though I will never regret helping those children and yes I would do it again, I know now my place is here helping the world one at a time on home territory. The Creator chose where my feet would land and here I am.

I decided that Mediumship was right for me, as it was my most natural gift and I wanted to make peace with having this gift and to treat it right. I dedicated my life to helping others in the best way possible. I am ever changing and flowing with the wave of Creation.

Instead of always travelling overseas now, I travel  more to ‘the other side’. I gather information and I bring it back to this world. In this way, I love people and guide them with that information. That is what I do. That is all I do. I just happen to get paid for doing what I love and I teach people how to do what it is that they are meant to do, while I do what I am meant to do.

What is my routine? Each and every day, I wake up and give thanks for another beautiful day here on Mother our Earth. I call on my angels and thank them for being with me throughout this day. One breath after another and one muscle movement after another, I allow my body to smile. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I affirm: “Another day to choose life again; another chance to show my gratitude to myself and for my gifts. Another chance to help another person grow and to feel amazing about themselves.”
One time someone asked me what I did for a living and it dawned on me that I don’t have a “normal” job like others. I almost felt silly saying it. However, I spoke loud and proud and said, “I LOVE PEOPLE FOR A LIVING”. They proceeded to ask me questions, stunned by my answer. What do you do to love them? “I LET THEM COME TO ME.” I explained.  “And when they come to you, what do you do to love them? “ANYTHING! I WORK FOR THE CREATOR and I LET HIM DIRECT ME.”

They smiled and looked at me like I was the most blessed person they had ever met. And you want to know something, I am blessed! I left that conversation feeling overwhelmed with Joy, Freedom and Privilege.


Yes! Yes! Yes! I am happy I accepted my calling.


Angel Therapy Practitioner ®
Certified by Doreen Virtue

How and when did you first find out about your “psychic abilities”?

Both of my parents had dreams that came true all my life and so “psychic abilities” were never really a discovery for me but rather a way of life.  However, growing up in a church environment, predictions were not exactly celebrated.  I was basically informed to clamp my mouth shut and pray for it all to stop.  And, so that’s what I did.  The more I prayed, the more intense my gifts became. One dream after another, after another came true and it got to the point that ignoring it was just not an option anymore.  “Psychic abilities” became my cross to bear.

And so, one can find ways to stomp it out and as a teenager that is precisely what I did. After university I travelled the world and found lots of exciting things and people to tune into and tried to forget about that nagging voice that kept telling me that I would help many people and that my mission was needed.

Finally, when as I was brushing my teeth one day, I was snapped into attention by a booming voice and a TV type screen that played like a movie in my mirror.  It showed me a village that I would be going to in Africa and the orphans that I would help.  The voice did not ask, but commanded that I go.  I was not planning to go to Africa at this time in my life, though I had that very same vision when I was 8 years old and told everyone at the time what I would one day do.  And so, I went and taught orphans to read and from them I learned humility.

Upon returning to Canada, I was humbled.  From that day on, I vowed to never take anything I had in my life for granted and that included my psychic gifts.  I met a medium who immediately spotted my abilities and started working on honing the energies that surrounded me.  I studied angels and found my niche. I am now living my Divine Life Purpose, which is essentially loving others and teaching them to love themselves.

How was it growing up with these special skills?  Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?

Growing up I knew that I was different from other kids, but thought on some scale that they too must sometimes see their own deceased family members.  In my own mind, there was no real distinction between one realm and another and so I was looked at with bewilderment by my parents when they would see me speaking to someone who was not in sight.  My mother decided to just set another plate at the table, thinking that these “imaginary” beings would one day surface as a psychological disorder and not what she was most worried about, which was admitting  that her deceased mother had been visiting and guiding me for some time.   I named my “imaginary friends” Norton and Penelope.  In the back of my mind I just felt it was easier for the rest of them to think I was making this stuff up.  It was my way of coping.

Like most psychic kids, I was taunted and called a witch and so I learned quickly who I could be my authentic self around, which was no one.  I didn’t even tell my best friends anything more than the fact that I had dreams that came true.  I grew up with a lot of animals and so I devulged information to them like I was in the confessional box.  Animals were and still are great listeners!

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

Yes and anyone can jump out of an airplane, but not everyone is brave enough to do it!  I don’t know why some people are born with it and some are not, but what I do know is that being “psychic” does not mean that one is ‘special‘. It just means that they are more open to their natural state of mind and sometimes whether they like it or not.

Being born psychic is a Sink or swim type of thing; jump out or we’ll throw you out of the airplane.  It’s something you either learn to live with or you die denying yourself of who you really are.

Is being psychic a gift?

Certainly, but we are all able to tune in and tap into the energy. It’s no different than just knowing how to walk or knowing how to blink.  It’s perfectly natural.  If you see psychic abilities as special or mystical then you have no “gift’, you have only ego.

What type of mentality/mind set do you think it takes to develop these skills?

It takes guts to be a psychic.  And it also takes responsibility.  One that frightens easily, would not fair well with the profession.  Developing your skills as a psychic begins with being aware of everything that’s going on around you.  A background in the arts may help in that there are millions of symbols, sounds and subliminal messages that surround a psychic and finding meaning in it all can be rather overwhelming.

Like any other skill, there are rules and regulations to being a psychic.  Dabble if you will, but it is something not to be played with and should be taken very seriously.  When deciding whether or not I would do the profession, someone wise said to me “Take it seriously or look like a babbling idiot.  It’s like the little boy that cried wolf.  If you don’t take yourself seriously, why should anyone else. “ It was in that moment that I stopped seeing my abilities as gifts and instead saw the responsibility I had before me. As spider man’s uncle once said, “With great power comes great responsibility!”.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities “on” or “off” when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them “on”.

Turning off my abilities is comparable to pretending you can’t smell the skunk that just sprayed your dog.  There is a constant radio playing in my head and sometimes 5 frequencies at once. I have to be honest and say that I can’t turn them off completely, though I’ve learned to turn down the volume. Perhaps it’s hyper-sensitivity that creates this awareness and some days it’s just so strong that I can’t ignore it.  For example, if someone has a sore knee, I’ll limp for an hour or so before they call me and so I may feel this as my own pain and not think to “shut it off”.  I often only realize after my client has called that it was their pain and not mine.

Several times a week, I may have someone’s past loved one follow me for days.  I can pretend I can’t see them, but I can’t exactly shut them off when I’m sleeping.  I’ve learned to ask my angels to guard my dreams, which enables me to relax and sleep most nights, but if I have had a stressful day or week this is not always the case.  I rely heavily on Archangel Michael to escort spirits who are not there for the greater good of myself or my clients to their own progress and prosperity.  This filtering system does not stop spirits from following me, but at least they won’t scream in my face or honk my car horn to get my attention anymore.  Those days are over!

The following is what Michael taught me:

“Pretend you are a bottle of water.  Take the cap off the top of the bottle.  Allow me to put liquid soap into you.  Let the soap fall to the bottom.  Now, let me turn the tap on.  As you imagine water pouring into you, it is actually pure white light that is filling the bottle.  Allow it to bubble up and pour out the sides of your vessel until it runs clear.  Once you are certain that it is totally clear, put your cap back on.  As it is your responsibility to ask for the clearing, it is also your responsibility to put that cap back on.  You and ONLY YOU can loosen that cap and let the contaminants seep in. Just say “Bubbles in a Bottle” and I’ll be there.”

How did you get into doing psychic readings? Since when have you been doing them?

I started doing psychic readings officially 3-4 or so years ago, though, I have “read” people all of my life.  I was the kid on the play ground doing dream interpretation.  I have always had a natural gift of healing others through counseling and helping them feel better about themselves.  I have also always had a natural ability to heal people and animals with my hands.  I can’t even explain it.  It just happens.

What happens during a psychic reading?

The very first thing I do is ask the clients higher self if I can get in there.  One would think that because I’m being called that it is always an automatic yes, but it’s not always the case.  Sometimes I’m not the one to give a message and who am I to think that I can help everyone.

Every reading is different, but I’ve learned that starting with scanning my clients at the beginning of the reading is most effective.  When I do this I instantly get symbols, numbers, sounds and  even pain that they are feeling.  Their deceased loved ones often pop up at this time and I don’t always tell the client because not everyone is ok with that kind of thing.  I sometimes tell them the info is from Grandpa and sometimes I keep that part of it to myself.  Grandpa, being the example I am using, is always thankful and will bless me and help me by guiding me in my life in some way.  He may say, “Oh by the way, that car needs an oil change, pronto.  Ask that man of yours to take a look at it”.  I would thank them for the information that they freely gave me for helping their loved one and send them off to the light with Archangel Michael.IMG_7541

Because I’m so clair-sentient (I feel everything!!!), Archangel Michael taught how to filter as I read.  I first draw energy from above, in my case it’s from Jesus, and I put this energy into my client.  Then I draw from my client.  This includes all the bad, but I don’t handle it at all.  Instead I hand it up for healing.  I continue the cycle and draw from above, and keep filtering until the client is clear and unblocked.  This takes a lot of concentration because I am doing a reading for the client at the same time.

I usually tell the client what is coming to me and then when the voices stop, I ask the client if they would like me to pull a couple of cards.

What is your primary tool for your readings? What is your specialty?

Reading for clients is different every time and so there is no one specialty that I have.  I’m undoubtedly primarily Clairsentient, however, I’m all the “Clairs”  in one and which one comes through really depends on the client and which one I have to tap into to see what they are needing to know at that time and space that they are asking about .  My real specialty is compassion.  It is both my strength and my weakness.  If my client cries, I cry.  There is no off button for that.

I use angel and animal cards as a tool, though I don’t necessarily need them to do a reading.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

Yes, Spirits either appear around my body or around the energy of the client that I’ve scanned.  Babies are the hardest to tell my clients about, but their energy and intent is pure love.  Females come as a cool energy and the males are warm.  Gay spirits have come as hot and cold at the same time.


Most spirits have to lower their energy to come and so when they do, they often come like a bull dozer and want to get their messages through.  When there is more than one spirit coming through, then one seems to take on the dominant role over the other.  I let them duke it out and stay out of the whole thing.  Eventually, the quiet spirit will come through. Like a boxer, the quiet spirit lets the other guy tire out and then they come in strong for the finish.  There are times that I repeat what they say verbatim and other times I skim the surface.  Not every client can handle it all at once.  That’s where compassion and understanding comes in.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your abilities or a good experience?

My most rewarding moment as a psychic was working with the police to help find a missing child who was thought to be drowned.  She indeed had passed on and I was able to communicate with her like she were in the same room.

Though I did not find her myself, I was able to pinpoint the exact area that she would later be found.

My role of  trying to find her was not my mission, however.  My mission was helping the girl communicate with the family.  She told me things that were impossible for me to know, like her owing the local store a dollar fifty and could I get someone to please pay off her debt.  She was so worried about the family and wouldn’t cross over until she talked to each and every one of them.  I stood in her kitchen and she spoke to all of them through my mouth but through my voice.  It was absolutely incredible!

I feel so blessed that I was the last one to ever hear her voice before she crossed over.  It was like a voice that a bird might take on if it could become human.