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Get answers about where you are currently in your personal spiritual journey and growth. Get guidance about your path and spiritual mission. Having a list of questions can get you further on your journey or having key points as to what you would like to focus on during your sessions is a key component to a successful connection.  Kim does help you get focused when you do not know where to begin.

Here are some examples of some of the many questions that clients ask to Kim during these such sessions:

  1. Why are there orbs in my photos?
  2. My child is sensitive. How can I help him or her?
  3. Am I really seeing spirits, fairies or angels?  How do I know the difference?
  4. What does it mean when I get ringing in my ears that sound like a fax machine?
  5. What are the meanings of the numbers that keep showing themselves in my life?
  6. Do animal guides exist? What is my animal guide?
  7. How can I know my Angel Guides Names?
  8. Who is my Main Spirit Guide?
  9. How do I use my Pendulum?
  10. Which spiritual practice would be right for me to study at this time in my life?
  11. Do I have past lives?
  12. What is my spiritual mission?
  13. I knew my mission and now everything is changing. How can I tune into the new path I am supposed to take and what direction do I go from here?
  14. How can I teach others about spirituality?

Learn about and develop intuitive skills, opening your senses, awakening your extra sensory perceptions, accessing your subconscious mind, opening up your intuition and psychic abilities.


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