Spiritual Tours To Slovenia and Beyond!

i feel sLOVEnia

Slovenia is nestled in between Italy & Austria and also boarders with Hungary and Croatia.  Hills, valleys, rivers and peaks are just a few of ‘my favourite things’ in Slovenia.  It is like living in the movie, “Sound of Music”.  One or two weeks is really not enough time to see all of its splendor.  However, we are proud to present tours in this beautiful country.


Gorazd and I would love to welcome you to experience it from our spiritual perspectives.  Tours across Europe are plentiful, and when we decided to do tours, we realized, the one thing that was missing in other tours, is being able to experience it through the eyes of Mother Nature.


Whether it be a night in one of our Tipi’s, or camping by tent in the mountains or by a river, or an overnighter in a castle, we are wanting to offer something off the beat and track, where we can help rejuvenate the beauty of your spiritual soul. I will be doing Spiritual Ceremonies where we will offer our Gratitude to Lakes, Mountains, Caves and wherever else the wind blows us.


Want to join us?

Tours are tentatively scheduled for Spring, Summer and or Fall.

Cost is yet to be determined.

Please Email: kimspirational444@gmail.com