Yes! Yes! Yes! Angel Meditations (FREE)

Yes! Yes! Yes! is a delightfully soothing meditation CD that brings you deep into connecting with the Angels.  Kim’s voice is soothing and relaxing and is sure to help you calm down after a long day.  There are 10 tracks. The first 5 tracks are with her voice and music in the background and the next 5 are music tracks by Glen Burg.  Allow yourself to sink into a quiet space and get ready to align with the higher realms.  The meaning of the title: The first yes is for all the times in your life you were told no.  The second yes is for the times you believed others when they told you no. The third yes is the Angels deleting those times you were told no and telling you Yes!  Be inspired and know that heaven is behind you every step of the way.  Whatever you want to achieve in this life is a sure yes!  With every yes you allow yourself it is also a sure success.  Believe in yourself Earth Angel.


***NOTE: You can listen to this meditations in Open Up Wide – Monthly Meditations under the FREE CONTEND section.

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