Psychic Development – Working with Archangels, August 15th, 2021


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If our guardian angels are our protectors and the ones to keep us on track, then who are the Archangels and how can they help us? Think of the Archangels as being the professors of the sky. They play special roles that are unique to their specific degrees or healing modalities. Simply put, each Archangel holds a different specialty. Archangel Michael is a good example of that.

For example, Archangel Michael is known to be the protector, he helps us when we are experiencing technical or mechanical issues. If you need something fixed, he has the skills and the know how. Archangel Michael also plays the tough guy, when it comes to getting rid of lower vibrations, clearing etheric cords to people or cutting energy to those that are draining your energy. Anything from clearing your house to blocking your ego, he is your man. Talk about multitasking! Though this is a pretty long list of abilities on his resume, Archangel Michael is not the only Archangel we can call on for help. The list of amazing Archangels goes on and on.

Archangels are non-denominational celestial beings that are there for anyone who calls on them for help. There are ways to work with them to make your experience more effective and efficient.

This class will introduce several different Archangels and what exactly they can do to help you with your everyday needs. Learn about what colors each Archangel comes as, and what crystals go with which Archangel. I will share prayers and daily exercises to use with the Archangels. I will also share some of my own breathtaking experiences I had when meeting the Archangels. And more….


WHEN: August 15th, 2021

1pm New York Eastern Time

2pm Moncton Atlantic Time

6pm London UK Time Zone

7pm Central European Time



PRICE: $40 CAD/person

This webinar will be recorded so you can watch it again or suggest for friends to order it for themselves afterwards.