Psychic Development – Signs and Symbols


How Knowing Signs and Symbols Can Improve Your Life

  • Are you in the process of making decisions and need answers?
  • Are you trying to raise your awareness by knowing the signs and symbols that are occurring all around you?
  • Are you learning to manifest?
  • Are you in a funk and need change now?
  • Did you know that life can be interpreted like a dream? And that dreams can be interpreted like life?
  • Are you getting repeated signs but don’t know how to interpret them?

The human consciousness works through symbolic language. Knowing this language helps us understand the world around us more deeply and improves our daily life on all levels. Knowing how to interpret signs helps speed up our human evolution. In long term, symbol deciphering gives rise to open minded people who know how to use that knowledge for a higher purpose. Being able to understand our world helps us live more consciously and to begin to unearth our programs and belief systems that have formed us.

This webinar will help you better understand the hidden signals that your guides, past loved ones and angels are sending you. You’ll learn how to interpret symbolism that is connected to your daily situations, as well as in your dreams and meditations.

Kim is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding when it comes to symbols and signs. Doing dream interpretation on the playground at 12 years of age, she was born with an innate ability to understand signs and symbols. She offers accessible tools, knowledge and keys designed to open the door to understanding your own symbolic language that makes up your daily life situations and experiences. By learning to be able to read these codes, you have the interactive map to your destiny.

General Question examples that will be Answered in this Webinar

  • What does it mean when a bird hits the window? The windshield?
  • Why do my lights keep flickering?
  • Do I have some spirit or angel trying to connect with me?
  • What does the code sequence of my telephone number mean?
  • What does my address tell me about myself and my level of maturity in my life?
  • What do repeated patterns mean?
  • What are the meanings of animals that appear again and again in my daily life?
  • Do I have a Power Animal?
  • How can I work with my Power Animal to improve my life?
  • Why are signs being repeated anyway?
  • What do the dream symbols I keep seeing mean?
  • What are the symbols that make up our world?
  • What are the hidden or subliminal symbols that make up our world?
  • What is the history of symbols in products I buy?

What are the symbols that make up our world and why is it important we know about them? Find out…

DURATION: 2 hours 40 minutes consists of two parts


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