How to do 3 Card Readings, September 26th, 2021


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An oracle deck is a collection of cards that provide guidance and perspective on our life experiences. An oracle reading allows for a less structured and more loose interpretive way to get answers to life’s most important questions. Consulting an oracle deck is one of the best ways to do an intuitive reading on yourself or someone else. This course is designed to give you some much needed pointers for getting started. As I have been doing readings for many years, it is always fun and exciting to teach the next upcoming readers and to help them do it in a respectful and proper way.

Some of the questions that you may have that will be covered in this class and more…

  • How do I choose a deck for me?
  • How do I keep that deck working tip-top?
  • Where do I store my deck of cards?
  • How many decks can I own?
  • How do I create a sacred space.
  • How do I shuffle, sort and interpret the cards that I pull?
  • What do jumper cards mean?
  • Is an App deck just as effective?
  • Can I ask more than one question to the deck?
  • Is there a method to understand past, present, future? If so, what is it?
  • I have some abilities but I am scared, how can trust my intuition and get over my fears?
  • Do I have enough of an ability to help others with my gifts?
  • Are there ways that I can know symbols easier?


WHEN: September 26th, 2021

1pm New York Eastern Time

2pm Moncton Atlantic Time

6pm London UK Time Zone

7pm Central European Time



PRICE: $20 CAD/person

This webinar will be recorded so you can watch it again or suggest for friends to order it for themselves afterwards.