Psychic Development – Clairaudience (Hearing)


Welcome to this series of webinars on developing your intuitive abilities. Part one was about opening the third eye. If you haven’t taken it already, you can order it to catch up.

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Are you looking to open up your psychic awareness?

Would you like to hear your angels and guides more clearly?

Do messages sometimes come in an auditory form and it seems staticky or just not clear enough to make out?

Do you sometimes have thoughts that are not your own and it seems to come as a voice that is similar to your own but different?

Clair-Audience means to hear something that is not necessarily present to the ear and yet is being heard by an objective reality by the person with the power to hear it. Being able to hear through your clairaudience can accelerate your intuition.

In this seminar we will learn to acknowledge the signs of our natural ability to hear clairaudience and how to develop it further. We all have a natural ability, its just a matter of uncovering the veil. Learn how to better tune into the voices of the beyond.

Kim has been able to tap into her gift of clairaudience since she was a child. Join her as she shares tips and tricks as to how discern your own thoughts from that of spirits, angels or guides around you.


DURATION: 2 hours consists of two parts + FREE GIFT – Meditation.

Listen to the sample of this meditation.

***NOTE: When you pay, you will receive a link to the webinar, which you copy and save.