Family Meditation

This is a gentle kids meditation that the whole family can enjoy. It is meant to help kids get the concept of meditation without the strict discipline of having to sit in one spot and go by rigid rules. Kim believe that when we choose what our habits will be, then those habits make us who we are. One habit we are choosing is to show adults and children alike that we practice what we teach. If we can take time out in front of children to do what we see as important to us, it becomes a part of their routine also. Small but consistent changes are the key to long term success when it comes to our own personal goals. Our goal is to take time in our day to meditate and connect to positive affirmations. This is why we decided to do this for others. Its so special when you join us. With your family or single, be a part of our family.

DURATION: 15 – 20 minutes
Free Meditation