Couples Counseling

 couples counselling

Understand from the higher perspective.  There are many lessons to be learned within your love relationships. Some of these lessons come from this lifetime, and sometimes Past Lives play a factor.  These are questions that can be asked.

Kim uses her intuitive skills to get to the bottom of the issues between couples and to help them find ways to bring seemingly difficult situations to resolution and fluidity.  Kim believes on working on what is already aligned and balanced within the union.  She also helps each individual learn to balance the energy within the self, as self healing and or self awareness is the key to any good relationship.

Couples Counseling via Skype/Facebook Video

$100* / 1 hour

75€ / 1 hour

Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email from the online booking system. If for some reason, you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us by email at to let us know and we will manually reserve your spot.