Kim is a “born medium” and has been learning and expanding her knowledge from reliable teachers, such as Doreen Virtue and other born mediums. The techniques she has learned stem from knowledge she received while living and visiting in several places of the world, including: Korea, Australia, Africa, Peru, Brazil, Holland, Hawaii and more… Buddhism, Muslim Tradition, Native, and Celtic, Shamanism… Kim has experienced and studied far and wide and brought home all the hands on knowledge she could to provide the best information possible to those she teaches.

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Readings – $100* / 1 hr 
Psychic/Mediumship Readings
Angel Readings

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SKYPE Readings – $100* / 1 hr

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Crystal Bed (Sound Healing Therapy) – $100* / 1 hr

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My readings are often described to me by my clients as unique and gentle.  I can be coined as a medium in that I work with angels one on one and spirits that have passed on.  I am the bridge, or the medium in between them and you.  I only do mediumship with the assistance of Archangel Michael. He escorts spirits in and out.  I don’t play with it.   I also have a rule that no negative messages can come through me.

I work heavily with the animal, bird and Fairie realms, as well and so one never knows what might pop into my readings.  I studied symbolism for years and so all of the realms bring me symbols that I can decipher like a code.  As I work with angels, they tend to want to work with the “NOW”.  I believe that psychics are here to help people along their journeys.  I do not to tell “all” to my clients or I would be letting them get away with not doing any work and that is not my mission here on earth.
My father once taught me that it is not good to fish for someone.  It is better to teach them to fish and then eat with them.  So, in other words I teach people how to listen to their own intuition so they don’t “need” me.  Though my ego would like to be needed, my higher self knows that I am here to be helpful and inspire people to help themselves instead.Besides, honestly, if you knew everything, your path would completely change anyways.  You would miss half of the steps you needed to get to where you are meant to be… just by knowing.  You would expect it just to happen and not learn what you are meant to learn in the process…  which would make you a totally different person and therefore send you in a different direction.  You’d meet different people, experience different events, etc., etc…
Angel readings help you figure out what you want, so that they can bring you what you need. By being clear on what it is that you truly want on the highest level, you will be happier, free and will move forth on the Divine Path that has been chosen for you.

Past Life Regressions – $140* / 2 hrs 

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Interested in past life regression? Want to know more about your past lives? Did you ever want to look further into what traits you brought into this life that hold you back in this one and what to do about it? Kimspirational, with the help of your Angels, Guides and Past Loved Ones, will guide you and help you access information to your past lives to help you in the present!

Chakra and Aura Clearings and Alignments / overall spiritual clean up and check ups – $140* / 2 hrs 

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Designed individually. (Sound healing, angel clearings, smudging…). Kim allows spirit to guide the way.

Couples Counseling – $100* / 1 hr 

Understand from the higher perspective, the lessons to be learned within your love relationships. You will be learning skills and tools that will help you bring seemingly difficult situations to resolution and fluidity. You’ll also learn to keep working on what is already aligned and balanced within the union and learn to balance the energy within the self.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions – $100* / 1 hr

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Get answers about where you are currently in your personal spiritual journey and growth. Get guidance about your path and spiritual mission.

Private Intuitive Sessions – $140* / 2 hrs 

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Learn about and develop intuitive skills, opening your senses, awakening your extra sensory perceptions, accessing your subconscious mind, opening up your intuition and psychic abilities.

House Clearings or House Harmonization – $200* (in Moncton area) or $320** (outside of Moncton area) / 2 hrs

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From cleansing lower energy vibrations and crossing over spirits to blessing, balancing and harmonizing your house, I do it all.  Making a house, YOUR HOME.

* These are new Prices as of January 2017
** Prices may vary if services are given outside of the Kimspirational office


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The following weekend courses have not yet been scheduled.  If you want to participate in these, please email your request to [email protected] and you will be added to the waiting list:
Angel Course
Psychic Development (Part 1 & Part 2)
Mediumship (Part 1 & Part 2)
Past Life Regression Training


ABOVE KELLY’S  VACUUM which is beside Papa John’s Pizza: entry to Kimspirational’s office will be from the back

DAYTIME PARKING: clients doing one on one appointment may park at Kelly’s Vacuum.

NIGHT TIME / WEEKEND PARKING: can park accross street at Kelly’s Tire. CIBC Parking Lot. Or Shoppers Parking lot.


Friday Night Courses

Unravelling the mysteries of the Universe, one subject at a time!

Most Friday Nights

***TIME: 7 – 9 pm***

COST PER CLASS: $20 / per person

Open to everyone, sign up and pay at the door – No pre-registration required

Check out the CALENDAR for dates and subjects

 What To Bring:

Notes pad, pen, An Open Mind, and Open Heart

For meditation nights, bring comfortable clothing, pillows and blankies

For Drumming Circles and Sound Therapy, bring your instruments and tools



The All New, One of a Kind 
5th Dimensional Mystic Gateway Crystal Bed
The 5th Dimensional Mystic Gateway
What is the 5th Dimension Mystic Gateway? The energies of the 5th dimension are, as the title implies, the energies of an ascended plane of existence. As humans, we are just beginning to learn to channel the energies of the 4th dimension into our 3rd dimensional world. Through the Archangel’s Michael and Metatron, with the heavenly host, they’ve begun to show us how to begin to reach and tap into this higher plane of existence. Through the blessings of Mother Earth, and the grace of Heaven and the Creator, we present to you The 5th Dimensional Mystic Gateway: A Crystal Healing Bed. Come find your wings and fly with us, into the powerful vortex of the 5th dimensional energies. Enter the Mystic Gateway to discover connections to your higher self and align with your divine life purpose. Allow peace and enlightenment to enter you, raising your vibration to the next level. Begin your Ascension now!
5th Dimensional Mystic Gateway The 5th Dimensional Mystic Gateway is filled and fueled by the energy and power of crystals, along with the special wood, Acacia and Pine. Acacia wood is incredibly powerful and is a very sacred material. The Ark of the Covenant, from the Book of Genesis was created from this type of wood and plated with gold. Acacia wood represents the innocence, purity and the immortality of the soul. Pine, as an evergreen, also represents immortality. It is the peace tree and the tree of life. It symbolizes unity and opens our chakras to be infused with healing energy and light. Pinecones also open the 3rd Eye Chakra. The crystals within are linked to the power of the 5th Dimension. Each one corresponds to one or more of our chakras.
The Soul Star Chakra: Selenite, Labradorite
The Crown Chakra: Amethyst, Celestite, Quartz, Labradorite, Lepidolite
The 3rd Eye Chakra: Amethyst, Kyanite, Quartz, Shaman Stones
The Throat Chakra: Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Malachite
The Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Pink Agate, Quartz, Lepidolite, Malachite
The Solar Plexus Chakra: Orange Calcite, Himalayan Salt Plate, Quartz
The Sacral Chakra: Orange Calcite, Himalayan Salt Plate, Quartz
The Root Chakra: Labradorite, Black Agate, Quartz, Shaman Stones
The Earth Star: Labradorite, Quartz, Shaman Stone
Crystals in the Bed
Lepidolite: Relieves Stress and Depression
Kyanite: Enhances Intuition Selenite: Clears the Chakras and Auras
Labradorite: Stone of Magic, Enhances Strength of Crystals
Black Agate: Grounding, Clears the Root Chakra
Rose Quartz: Stone of Unconditional Love, Opens the Heart Chakra
Amethyst: Opens the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras. Clears Confusion
Quartz: Amplifier of Energies
Orange Calcite: Strengthens Creativity and Clears Sacral Chakra
Celestite: Calls in the Angels and Spirits of the Celestial Realm
Himalayan Salt Plates: Balances the Body’s Chi
Shaman Stones (Moqui Marbles): Enhances Meditative Experience; Soul Travel
Lemurian Seed Crystal: Calls in the Nurturing Energies of Lemuria; Past-life Regression.
Malachite: A Stone of Healing and Abundance
Lapis Lazuli: Opens Psychic Sight
Orgonite: Neutralizes Extraneous Electromagnetic Fields
Arizona Pipe Stone: Soul Travel; Transmutes Extraneous Energies
Pink Agate: Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine Energies; Balances Chi
Copper: Calls in Archangel Gabriel; Channeling Energy into or out of the body
Black Tourmaline: Protection from extraneous Electromagnetic Fields
Services that Allign with the Crystal Bed – What Can the Bed Do For You?
The Energies of the 5th Dimension provide exceptional healing, and help begin the process of Spiritual Ascension. People who have used the Mystic Gateway have experienced profound Psychic Visions, contact with Spirit Guides and experiences of Soul Travel. Energy Therapy, such as Reiki or Chios® Energy Healing, are significantly enhanced. The high vibration of the crystals contained within, help ground the 5 th dimensional energy to our 3rd dimensional world. All forms of healing or guided meditation benefit from the Gateway. The services provided by Kimspirational® with the 5 th Dimensional Mystic Gateway include:  5 th Dimensional Mystic Gateway Healing Session – $30 / 30 mins  The powerful vibrations of the Mystic Gateway facilitate intense healing. Laying down on this table for 30 or 60 minute sessions allows you to experience the best of the 5th Dimensional energy for yourself.  Past Life Regression – $150 / 2 hrs  Access information in your past lives to help you in the present.  Sound Healing – $150 / 2 hrs  Chakra/Aura Clearings and Alignments – $150 / 2 hrs  Designed individually. (Sound healing, angel clearing, smudging cord cutting…) Kim lets Spirit guide the way  Private Intuitive Sessions – $150 / 2 hrs Learn about and develop intuitive skills, opening your senses, awakening your extra sensory perception, accessing your subconscious mind, opening your intuition and psychic abilities.
BOOK NOW! To book your 5th Dimensional Healing Experience, please contact my assistant at [email protected] or at (506) 382- 7149. We will be finding new ways to improve your booking experience by adding a new section to the Services page on Please sign up to receive our newsletter for updates and events concerning the Mystic Gateway.
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