The Intuitive Skills Workshops are designed for the beginners and advanced alike.  They are hands on and fun by concentrating on one aspect of Psychic ability at a time.  The instructions given will permit you to bring it home to keep sharpening your abilities.

Sign up for any Workshop by simply sending a request by email at [email protected] with your name, contact number and email address.

Please check out the CALENDAR for upcoming workshops.

**  For any workshop not yet scheduled, you will be put on a waiting list and advised when the next date is set
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Please note that if you have 10 people or more that would like to have a course together Kim can design a class for your individual group.

Dowsing: Pendulum, Forked Stick Dowsing & Dowsing Rods

Cost:  $40

Divining has never been so fun!  We will look at all different dowsing methods, how to connect with it and how to ask right questions to get your answers.  This will be a hands on workshop.   You are welcomed to bring your own divining tools!


Dream Course Weekend

Cost: $100
or Bring a friend and pay 2 for $150

Healing through dreams, clues into the future, dream recall, dream patterns, past lives, visitations, lucid dreaming and reviewing your dreams.  We will be looking at it all – A to Z.  Come discover the power of tapping into the dream world.


Dealing with haunted houses

Cost: $100

Stubborn ghosts? Need some ghost busting ideas?  Who are you gonna call? Kimspirational.  😉

House harmonization, Ghost communications, ghost hunting tools, and crossing them over.  As we are opening up our intuition, we are becoming more aware of our environment on an energetic level.  This is why the demand for house clearings is increasing.  Come discover how to do your own house clearings.  This is will be a day full of information!


Seeing beyond the veil (3 parts)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Cost: Bundle price $100 for all 3 parts / Regular price $40 each part

Join me as we learn and practice our “Third Eye” intuitive skills.  In this workshop we will be clearing fears relating to “seeing”. We will learn to reprogram limiting beliefs that keep us from enjoying this natural gift.

We will be opening the third eye safely and learn how to keep it clear. By understanding what we are seeing, we can recognize the different realms, and practicing our abilities to see beyond the veil in a much more enthusiastic and comfortable way. This class is a must “SEE”! ?


Spirit Guides Journeys

Cost: $100

A special day to honor yourself and your Spirit Guides.  We will learn about who our Spirit Guides are.  We will also look into our own individual guiding systems.  Then we will journey in sacredness beyond the veil to identify, meet and connect with our Spirit Guides.


Ascension – Integration to align with the world’s new matrix

Cost: $40

As we transition to a new world, a new frequency, a new way of being, we’ve realized that old patterns do not give us the same results.  In the old matrix, we focused on the questions “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”.  We will explore how to shift and integrate a new focus and patterns to align with the new age.  Harmonizing ourselves for success!


Animals: Initiating your animal totem

Cost: $100

Animal Totems hold the energy of the animals of this world.  Animals are great teachers and can provide us with energetic support through the experience of our lives.  Being free of ego, they are easy and safe to work with.  Join us as we look at identifying and initiating our individual Animal Totems and the medicines that they provide.  We will connect with our Animal Totems and integrate them to our own personal guiding system.