Identify your Angels

Angels are Heaven´s companions, agents, and messengers of God. At every moment of life, we are surrounded by Guardian Angels and Archangels. Our Guardian Angels serve us all our lives. In fact, they have been with us every lifetime. There are many things to learn and discuss about these magnificent light beings. Join in on this recorded Live Webinar and get to know more about them. We will discuss how to recognize their presence around us, how to connect with them, what symbols they use to communicate with us, and how to decipher these messages and codes.

PRICE: $20

DURATION: 2hr 32 minutes

Understanding the Spirits

Understanding Spirits (Includes A Meditation to connect with past loved ones and receive a message) Are you wanting to connect with your past loved ones?  Wondering where they are and doing what they are doing now? Are you wanting to understand their messages? Are you mourning and grieving and want to move forward?  Did you ever wonder what the spirit´s go through in order to communicate with us? This pre-recorded online class is designed to help you go through a gentle process of letting go.  Find out why past loved ones come into our dreams and sometimes say nothing.  Learn how to interpret signs and symbols, colors, electrical disruptions.

PRICE: $15

DURATION: 1hr 23 minutes