Message from Archangel Michael

Crystal Wisdom:  Whether you are male or female, this card is for you.  Rose Quartz looks how pink would smell, if pink had a smell.  The color pink has a soft feminine quality to it.  This feminine energy is flowing towards you now.  You will find yourself noticing compassionate, tender and peaceful energy everywhere you go, in the next while.  Female angels, especially Archangel Ariel, spirit guides and goddesses are guiding you closely at this time.  Soon you will come to understand that this energy is because of you.  You are the wonderful, soft influence in your own life. The female guides and angels are just coming to remind you to add to your self love tank, so it never gets low.  Your work on yourself has attracted love into your life.  Pure and innocent relationships will now present themselves to you.

Those that live from the heart will enter your life in surprising ways.  The more you work on yourself, the more the Universe will send others who also love themselves.  Before you know it, loving support will come from every corner of the globe.  Love, love, love.  Feel it, breath it, eat it.  Put love in everything you do.  Say at each step, “I love you.  I love you.  I love you.”  Watch as love expands like a beautiful balloon and floats up into the air, raising vibrations as it goes.

Take some time to enjoy this wonderful energy.  Go buy yourself some flowers today.  Treat yourself to some special meal that you have been craving.  The hopeless romantic in you need not wait for someone else to treat you.  Give yourself the best that self love has to offer.

Affirmations:  I love myself.  This love is contagious.  Others around me also feel great about themselves.  There is a constant flow of positive energy coming my way and at all times.  It flows in me, through me and all around me.

Chakras:  Balances Crown and 3rd Eye, and opens the Heart Chakra.

Other Uses:  This amazing stone has been known to help trauma victims in emergency rooms to stay calm.  Rose Quartz helps bring unconditional love, forgiveness, passion and compassion into life experiences.  This crystal represents eternal love, helping one connect with their soulmate or twin flame.  It helps one understand that soulmates come in many different forms, including friendships, love relationships, as well as animals.  Rose Quartz helps bring pure thoughts.


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Psychic Development -Third eye

Psychic ability is our birth right. As humans, we have been programmed by generations of unbelievers to shut down our natural abilities. It is time to allow ourselves to shine and believe in our own instincts again. The human mind is a fascinating tool, but it is thought to block and obstruct more than 90% of the information it receives daily. We now know that by re-establishing our capabilities, we have unlimited access to the information waiting for us to obtain it by opening a clairvoyant channel. Deja vu, dreams, emotional feelings and behaviors, telepathy… are examples that we have all already experienced and learned to ignore as part of our clairvoyant consciousness.

This clairvoyant development course – The Third Eye, will help you re-establish what is already yours. You are a profound clairvoyant and a capable being who can navigate through life and make decisions that ultimately lead you to the perfect place and at the right time.

PRICE: $20

DURATION: 2 hours and 15 minutes and consists of three parts.

Dream Interpretation

Do you experience vivid dreams, reoccurring dreams or even psychic dreams?
Understanding dreams is like having a key. 
Join me to explore the mysteries of the dream world and of the mastermind behind them.
In this webinar, you will learn about dream patterns, symbolism, and dream interpretation techniques.

PRICE: $20

DURATION: 2 hours and 15 minutes and consists of two parts.

Understanding Past Lives and Akashic Records

Did You Miss My Live Online Workshop-Past lives and Akashic Records?

This recorded Webinar is available now on VIDEO…

Interested in past lives? Want to know more about your past lives and what other roles you played in those lives? Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at what traits you have brought into this life that may be holding you back and what to do about it?  Have you ever wanted to know what good traits you had in other lives that you could be taking advantage of in this life?

For many, past lives are fascinating and yet, people are just scratching the surface of how to understand them.  How do we use the knowledge of past lives, to help us in the present as much as possible, without hindering or confusing us further? It doesn’t matter who we were, but who we are today.  However, by understanding our past lives, we may find it easier to accept and understand certain qualities that we reject today. We will be able to see and strengthen those qualities and turn them into a good. We can also remove qualities within us that no longer serve us in a good way. In order to gain insight into our past lives, we must learn to understand who we are today and how all of our experiences in all lives made us who we are today.   The Metatron Archangel will speak in a lecture via Kim to help guide the process.

In this workshop, Kim will talk about the characteristics of a past life and what we need to know when traveling to previous lives. We will learn more about the Akashic Records and how they affect our memories of our past lives, as well as the events that take place in this life. We’ll do a meditation and look at a past life and participants can send messages on the chat feature to ask questions  and make comments.


PRICE: $60

DURATION: 3 hours and 45 minutes and consists of three parts.

This 3 part recorded video webinar also includes
Information on karma and karmic connections between lifetimes
An Akashic Records Meditation
A Reading on Past Lives
And a Past Life Regression Meditation