For appointments and information on events and services in Slovenia, please contact Gorazd at:

040 90 66 90

For appointments while Kim is home in Moncton, Canada email [email protected] or call 506 382-7149.

Skype or video appointments are also available upon request wherever you are. 🙂

An Evening with Kimspirational ∼ Past Loved Ones Event


Connecting with your Past Loved Ones (PLO) to help you with your own personal inquiry and to empower yourself is more than an honour!!

Let me walk with you through simple techniques that will guide you to a better relationship with your Past Loved Ones:
– We’ll talk about the steps of letting go
– I’ll explain where our loved ones go and what they are doing now.
– I’ll lead you in a gentle way to connect with your loved ones, bridging Heaven and Earth.
– We’ll discuss things we saw, felt heard and knew to be true visitations of our loved ones.
– I’ll have an opportunity to give messages to you (spirit willing) from beyond the veil.


Host your private live reading event today!!!

If you have a group of 10 or more and you would like to book your private live reading event, please contact us by email at [email protected]   3 hrs / $60 per person

Important information of the host:
1 – Location must be well lit and comfortable to accommodate the size of your group.
2 – Kim will need a separate room for her to settle and prepare prior to the start of the session, while the participants are getting settled.
3 – A mic and speaker setup is necessary for larger groups.
4 – No drugs or alcohol should be allowed on the premises. Participants should not consume drugs or alcohol on the day of the event as this interferes with the readings. Please ensure that this is clear to the participants.
5 – Be respectful of your guides and past loved ones. As a group, we will be creating a sacred space to invite your past loved ones to come through. Prepare the environment accordingly.
6 – Provide refreshments (water) and tissues for your participants.
7 – The success of the session depends greatly on the participants’ open mind as well as your willingness to participate.
8 – Questions during the session are welcomed. At the end of the session, all doors will be appropriately closed and the guides and past loved ones will be safely returned to where they are meant to be. Participants should refrain from asking questions after the closing of the session as Kim will need a time of rest.