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For appointments and information on events and servives in Slovenia, please contact Gorazd at:

040 90 66 90

For appointments while Kim is home in Moncton, Canada email [email protected] or call 506 382-7149.

Skype or video appointments are also available upon request wherever you are. 🙂


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om mani padme om


Kim is a “born medium” and has been learning and expanding her knowledge from reliable teachers, such as Doreen Virtue and other born mediums. The techniques she has learned stem from knowledge she received while living and visiting in several places of the world, including: Korea, Australia, Africa, Peru, Brazil, Holland, Hawaii and more… Buddhism, Muslim Tradition, Native, and Celtic, Shamanism… Kim has experienced and studied far and wide and brought home all the hands on knowledge she could to provide the best information possible to those she teaches.

Kimspirational offers a variety of courses and workshop to cater to students’ needs.  Check out the Friday night courses or Intuitive Skills Workshops if you want to walk slowly on the road of spiritual knowledge and practice or dive into intense weekend courses such as the Angels Every Course, Psychic Development,  or Mediumship.

Check out the CALENDAR for courses and workshops dates and details.

The following weekend courses have not yet been scheduled.  If you want to participate in these, please email your request to [email protected] and you will be added to the waiting list:
Angel Course
Psychic Development (Part 1 & Part 2)
Mediumship (Part 1 & Part 2)
Past Life Regression Training





ABOVE KELLY’S  VACUUM which is beside Papa John’s Pizza: entry to Kimspirational’s office will be from the back

DAYTIME PARKING: clients doing one on one appointment may park at Kelly’s Vacuum.

NIGHT TIME / WEEKEND PARKING: can park accross street at Kelly’s Tire. CIBC Parking Lot. Or Shoppers Parking lot.



Please note that if you have 10 people or more that would like to have a course together Kim can design a class for your individual group.




cd coverAngel Meditation CD: “YES! YES! YES!”

This Angel Meditation CD is channeled by Kimspirational. The Angels’ messages are truly inspiring, uplifting and life changing. It evokes a sense of hope, peace, joy and harmony.

You can get your copy through myself or in the following locations: at my office during course hours, at “Passage” in Highfield Square; at P.E.I., Health Within Holistic Center, 500 Queen Street, Charlottetown, and other places to be announced very soon.


For Printer Sacred Love Cover Final“SACRED LOVE” Book

This book is about Sacred Love making. It is designed for individuals and couples to begin a process of healing to begin to bring more “Spirit” focus into their lives and relationships. As we expand and grow spiritually, let us not forget “Sacred Love” is a very important part of living a spiritual life.


1459760_10202049182498623_649406758_n[1]“Enough Forward Now” – Recycling Trauma and Abuse for a Cleaner Tomorrow Book

Kimspirational takes us on her amazing journey of healing and transmutation and shows the steps she took to be at her place in her journey today. It includes stories of others who found their way past tribulation and into triumph and tools, positive meditations and exercises to help others begin their own journey of healing.


front cardsAtlantians Unite Oracle Cards
44 Mandala Cards & Book by Kimspirational
Art / Design by Krista Powers

A Kimspirational 44 Mandala Oracle Card Deck designed with the Vibrational Energy of Atlantis to assist you in the journey to return to Oneness. These cards are divinely orchestrated to bring us closer to our authentic being. Each card has an intricate mandala with themes ranging from karmic healing, angelic council, relationships, divine purpose, and energetic signatures which are keys in determining our role here on Earth. Mandalas are circular, geometric representations of the Universe which aid with connecting to the higher dimensions and the meditative journey. Use these cards for healing, meditation, guidance, and for doing readings for others.