No Pre-registration required

Psychic Development- Hearing and Feeling
When: Friday, September 29
Where: 647 Mountain Road, Moncton
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Cost: $20 person
There are many ways that we tune into our psychic world. We each have our unique approach to accessing our divine consciousness. There is no greater power then being about to hear our own message from the universe above. When we work with Feeling to enhance our spiritual ear, we open up to a vast array of spiritual and or psychic stimuli. The soul is ever free. We can overcome any limitation. Some say only a select few can be psychic. I say, we are all psychic. We just need to be skillful and tap into those parts of our human selves that are tapped into our higher selves. Are you listening???

Design on the subject of intuition between parent and child made of profiles of woman and child human eye and abstract elements