Are starting on your path of awareness and looking to open up your psychic gifts?  Are you already on path but needing a tools to build a solid foundation and to make the most of out of your gifts?  No matter where you at on your journey, this course is for you.  This course offers unique and invaluable psychic tools to help you establish a solid foundation to achieve your psychic potential.

** This course is a pre-requisite for the Mediumship Program.

2 Part Course
Part 1– TBD (10 am – 5 pm daily)
Part 2– TBD (10 am – 5 pm daily)
* Dates will be set when there are enough students committed.
Price for each part: $300 (regular price) or $200 (early registration with $50 deposit)

Register by email at [email protected]



Psychic ability is our natural way. As humans we have been programmed by generations of non-believers to close off our natural abilities. It is time that we allow ourselves to shine and to once again believe in our own instincts.

The human mind is a fascinating tool and yet it is thought to block and impede over 90% of the information it receives on a daily basis. We now know that by re-establishing our abilities, we have a limitless supply of life-changing benefits waiting to be experienced by opening our mind up to extra-sensory perception (ESP). Our sensory skills go beyond, Feeling, Seeing, Hearing and Smelling…Deja vu, Dreams, Gut Feelings and Knowings, Telepathy… are all examples of what we have all experienced and have been taught to ignore as part of our psychic awareness.

This Psychic Development Course will help you re-establish what is already yours. You are a psychic and a capable being that can navigate through life and make choices that ultimately lead you into the perfect place and at the perfect time. You are where and who you are for a reason.

In this course you will learn:
-How to unleash your deepest psychic potential naturally, safely and efficiently
-How to open your Third Eye and to close it and protect it
-How to strengthen your Aura, Chakras and Energy so that when psychic information comes to you that you will have a strong and fit mental strength to handle this energy with ease and know what to do with it
-How to understand and decipher symbols
-How to overcome the fear of “Seeing”
-Learn about different styles of psychic development, such as Feel, Hear, See and Know and find which one is your own “Style”
-How to do readings on others by practicing with students
-Styles of Readings and how to conduct them

What to Bring:
-an open mind
-blanket, pendulum, Angel Cards by (Doreen Virtue), personal favourite crystals and other tools that you wish to enhance your experience
-note books, pen, paper
-Lunch (snacks only provided)